How to Create Video Player App with Android studio

Best Video Player App – This guide focuses on the minimum required to start playback in an Android app written in Java and built using Android Studio 3.5.3+. You can find Android Studio on

For simplicity, this example loads the latest broadcast available through the broadcast metadata API.

If you want to clone a sample project similar to this guide

  • Create a new Application
  • Open Android Studio
  • Choose Start a new Android Studio project
  • Select the Phone and Tablet form factor.

Enter a suitable application name and your company domain.
Set the Minimum SDK to at least API 19+: Android 4.0.1, which is the oldest API supported by the Player. video player android app

  • Running the app
  • The above should be enough for playback of the latest video. Connect your mobile device to your PC and follow the Android Developers guide for running your app.

Provided that you have broadcast something to your Sandbox environment, the player should automatically find and play the latest broadcast.


Adding player controls

To use Android’s standard MediaController widget, start by importing the class. Check the player state in the onStateChange(playerState) callback we added earlier. When an archived broadcast is successfully loaded, construct an instance of the MediaController, attach it to the BroadcastPlayer and anchor it to mPlayerContentView.

Download Source Code

Video player app -Click below to download full source code.


<img src="download-btn.png" alt="video player app ">


We have successfully created a Video player Android application using Android Studio.

Import the MotionEvent class and show / hide the MediaController when the user taps the player.
Choose the Empty Activity template.


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