How to Make Car Racing Game App with Android Studio

Car Racing Game App – Ultimate Racing + Car Game + Ready For Publish + Android
This is amazing new game. Drive your car with amazing booster and powers. in this amazing four booster powers. Create your best score and challenge your friends.

Car Racing Game App Demo APK Download

⭐ Course Contents ⭐
➡️ (0:00:002) Introduction
➡️ (0:00:41​) Extract Source Code
➡️ (0:01:12​) Import source code
➡️ (0:05:17​) Emulator Install
➡️ (0:08:52​) Color change of app
➡️ (0:10:28​) Admob ads setup
➡️ (0:12:07​) Privacy Policy generate for App
➡️ (0:20:12) Logo setup
➡️ (0:23:24​) Change package name
➡️ (0:27:10) All basic details change
➡️ (0:28:04​) Run Successfully
➡️ (0:29:25​) generate debug apk


Create Logo:

Get unlimited free icon:

Admob ads complete setup:

Create Screenshot for app:

How to Install Android Studio:

Android Development crash Course Tutorial:

Game app with source code Playlist:

Note: For source code contact in Instagram

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