How to make Student Portal System Android Project

Student Portal System Android Project with android studio . The primary objective of student portal system is to provide all the details regarding the students in the application, college portal system app.

This Application System provides information for an individual student where he can see all his marks, attendance and the dues what he/she have. The student marks will be updated by the respective faculty.

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Student Portal System Android Project App

The existing system is a web application which is available only within the college premises and the student cannot access the website.

Outside the college. So need to check his details only when is available in the college.

Use of student portal system is provide the information to the student not only in the college but we can access whenever we need it, where he can have credentials to look his details but cannot change or edit.


Programming language: Java Database

IDE: Android Studio

college portal system app

Student System Android based Project Application

Download Source Code

Click below to get the full source code android Student Portal Android Project application.

Project APK Download : Click Me

Get the full source code android College portal application.


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