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PDF Reader App with Firebase in Android Studio- Store the PDF file into firebase Storage and fetch it and Display PDF using pdfviewer I got many messages asking how to store and fetch PDF files in Firebase Storage.

So here is the detailed post explaining about Uploading PDF files in Firebase Storage and Fetching those uploaded files from Firebase Storage. I already posted a tutorial about the same thing but with image files. You can check that post from the below link.


  • Setup Firebase account and add your project.
  • Click on “Storage” from left Menu
  • than add your PDF files
  • after that in your android project create recycle view or use list view to view data
  • use PDFviewer library and AsyncTask to Display Data
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IMP link

Firebase Setup: (
Firebase dependency : (

Dependency in project:

  • Firebase Core: ‘’
  • Analytics:
  • Cloud Messaging:
  • Cloud Storage:
  • In-App Messaging:

Note: If your Are using the new version of library than you may get Error of AndroidX.

Solution:You need migrate project into AndroidX.
If You have Any Queries About this Comment it in details

Creating a New Project

So again we will start by creating a new project. I just created a project named FirebaseStorage.
After creating the project add Firebase Storage and Firebase Database to your project (Go to tools->firebase).
Creating UI

PDF Reader with Firebase in Android Studio

Uploading PDF in Firebase Storage PDF Reader with Firebase in Android Studio


Now here comes the main task of this post which is uploading PDF files to the storage. The uploading is done on the Main Activity so come inside and write the following code.

Firebase Tutorial PDF Download

There is no built-in support for reading PDF files on Android, which is kind of a shame, especially since iOS has native support for the format. The vision must have been that user’s will select their own favorite PDF readers app.


This tutorial is about:
✓Create PDF app.
✓Display Specific or all pages from PDF
✓Display PDF from Mobile Phone.
✓Add padding between pages.
✓Firebase Integration real time data storage
✓Scroll PDF pages vertically or Swipe horizontally.

Download Source Code

Click below to get the full source code android PDF Reader application.

PDF Reader APK Download : Click Me

Get the full source code android PDF Reader app with firebase application.


We have successfully created a PDF Reader with Firebase in Android Studio Android application .




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