Photo Editor App Android Studio with source code free

Photo Editor app Android Studio – Here i will show how to make android Photo Editor App in Android Studio. In this photo editors covers all features like remove objects, join the photos, crop, paint, brush and more facilities will be there in the photo editor. photo editor app – This is open source project so you can publish this photo editor in Google play store, no Copyrights issues raised.

Now a days most of school and college students used photo editor application for make a stylish pictures. There are more photo editors application will be there is play store. If you have license for upload the android application in google play store, just use this source code and publish from play store. You did not get any copyrights isseues.

Create Photo Editor App Android Studio.

Let’s start to develop photo editor android application in android studio. First create new project choose Empty Activity after creating the project just open the default class of class file and add the following code,

NOTE : Main Activity file and resource file is given in source code so first you need download full source code than import in android studio .

Photo editor app – In this project we need more java classes to develop android photo editor application in android studio. Finally i give full source code of android photo editor application you can download from that. Because here spaces are not enough to explain all the java code that’s why i did’t explain.

Activity Layouts

Integrate the XML files with Java classes. Open the under path of res =>layout =>activity_main.xml file and add the following code below,

Still more XML files will be there in this project so you can download the android photo editor project below.

YouTube Video

Download Source Code

photo editor-Click below to download full source code.

Download Logo: Click Here


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We have successfully created a Photo editor Android application using Android Studio.



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