How to Use a SQLite Database with Android Studio 2021

Use a SQLite Database with Android Studio – Most Android apps need to store data somewhere and the most common way to store data on Android is using a SQLite Database.

We have released a full course on the YouTube channel, Udemy online more platform are available all about using the SQLite Database with Android Studio. You will learn everything you need to know about SQLite by creating an Android app in Android Studio.

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This course shows every step of programming a demo Android application that uses an SQLlite local database.

You will learn how to:

  • create an SQLite local database on the Android device,
  • configure new tables with the onCreate method,
  • setup the columns and data types,
  • extend the SQLiteHelper class,
  • create CRUD methods in a DAO (Data Access Object) class,
  • display results on a listview,
  • and more.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy coding ❤.

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