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How to Create Story App in Android Studio Step by Step


Make a Story App in Android studio project. If you are using Eclipse, then let the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) create a main Activity class and layout file for you how to create story app.

For some of the code we use in the series, you will need a minimum API level of 16, so you will need to take additional steps to support older versions. Once your project is created, open the project’s Manifest file. Inside the manifest element, add the following permission:

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Story App in Android studio

Again Now stick to portrait orientation for simplicity. The launchMode will aid the process of navigating back to the app after moving away from it. We will display a notification indicating the song currently being played, tapping the notification will take the user back to the app. We are also going to use a Service class for music playback. Add the following line to the project’s Manifest inside the application element and after the activity element. how to create story app.

Alter the package name to suit your own and change the class name if you wish.

Open the project’s main layout file and replace its contents with the following layout: Query the Device for Songs

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Feel free to amend the layout to suit your preferences. Each song in the list will be represented by title and artist text strings, so we will use the TextViews to display this data. Notice that the LinearLayout opening tag lists an onClick attribute. We will use this method in the main Activity class to respond to user taps on the songs in the list, playing the song represented by the list item that was tapped.

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Note- For Publish on play store App , choose “Start in locked mode” in firebase than proceed the work.

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Note- For No publish app on play store only for texting purpose than choose “Start in Test mode ” in firebase than proceed the work.

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Download Source Code

Click below to get the full source code android Story application.

Story App APK Download : Click Me


We have successfully created a Story App Android application using Android Studio.


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