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Add subscriptions in Google Play Store to your app | How to create subscriptions in your google play store console

1.Open Play Console and go to Subscriptions page (Monetize – Products – Subscriptions).
2.Click Create subscription.
3.Enter your subscription details.
4.Enter pricing details in the “Price” section.
5.Choose and define additional options in the “Subscription settings” section.

6.Click Save.

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To create subscriptions in your Google Play console you will need to set up a Google Merchant Account first. To set up a Google Merchant Account follow these steps :

  • Log in to your Google Play Console and open the “Settings” tab on the left side menu
  • The profile settings will now be displayed on the right side. Scroll down to the end of the settings page until you see the “Merchant Account “Tab
  • Choose the “Set up a merchant account now” option and follow the instructions displayed
  • After setting up the merchant Account, subscriptions and in app purchases can be created via the “In-app product” tab on the left side of your Google Play console.
  • After selecting the “In-app products” tab, look to the main screen of the Google Play console and you should see the following information displayed :
  • Select the “subscriptions” Tab and click on the “create subscription” button to create a new subscription for your App:

Let’s create subscriptions in your Google Play console

  • You will now be prompted to fill in the following information :
  • Enter a Product ID for the Subscription. This ID is used to mark the respective Subscription inside your App. The Product ID can consist of letters (lower case A-Z) and numbers (0-9).
    Attention: Product IDs are unique and cannot be altered again once the Subscription has been created.
  • Next you will be prompted to add the title and the description of your Subscription. You can also add additional translations for your in-app purchase by clicking on the “Add Translations” button and selecting additional languages.
  • To conclude the subscription setup you will need to add the price and billing period of the subscription:
  • Adjust the price of the subscription via the “Add a price” Button and enter the default price in the Pop up window.
  • After entering all the necessary information select the status of the Subscription entry accordingly and press the “Save” button in the lower right corner to create the subscription entry.

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