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Quiz App is an android based application, and enables the user to undertake a series of questions on Java language. The app is user friendly, and the user shall find it extremely easy to answer the multiple-choice questions. At the end of the quiz, a result-report is generated which states the score. The Quiz app also presents an option to the current user to play the question-round again or quit in between.

This App was developed as a learning project for Android. It is developed in Android Studio 3.6.For this app Open Android Studio and go to File → New → New Project. In the New Project window, enter the Application Name as Quiz and company domain as com.technic.quiz and Click on Next.

Quiz app Download

Click below to get the source code android application.

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Download Full Source Code

Click below to get the full source code android Quiz App application.

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There are four Activities in the app :

Main – displays Home Screen of application.
Questions – displays MCQ’s and currents Score.
Results – displays Results after finishing the quiz.
Developers – displays the information about the developers.

Program of Arithmetic Series


import java.util.Scanner;
 class ArithmeticSeries 
     public static void main(String args[])
 int n=6;  //limit
int d=3;   //common diffrence
 int a=2;   //terms

Scanner sc=new Scanner(System.in);

 System.out.print("Enter first no of a:");


 System.out.print("Enter the difference of d:"); 
 System.out.print("Enter the Limit value of n:"); n=sc.nextInt();

 for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)
    a=a+d;   //adding diffrence with term

Enter first no of a:9
 Enter the difference of d:2
 Enter the Limit value of n:3
 9 11 13
 Process completed.*/


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