5 Reasons Why Software Engineers Are in High Demand 2021

5 Reasons Why Software Engineers Are in High Demand – ‘Software Engineer’ – it is one of the most demanded and rewarding career profiles of the current times all across the world. Whether we talk about higher salary packages, career growth opportunities, collaborative work environment, amazing perks, or any other related aspect – a Software Engineer job at almost every renowned tech company offers you these things! As per a few standard reports, the demand & job opportunities for software engineers are likely to grow by 21-25% in the coming years.

But have you ever thought about the reasons behind such rapidly increasing demand for Software Engineers in the professional world…?? No worries, as here in this article, we’re going to discuss the same.

For example – a Blockchain Software Engineer is usually responsible for analyzing the company’s tech requirements or client’s demands and then concerned with the designing & development of blockchain software/product along with handling or managing several other tasks like testing, troubleshooting, etc.

Now, let’s get to know some of the major reasons that why Software Engineers are in great demand in the tech world:

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1. Rapid Advent of Tech Advancements

One of the primary reasons behind such an immensely increasing demand for Software Engineers is the rapid growth of technology. The exponential growth & evolution of technology in the last few years can clearly be seen considering all the recent tech trends like Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, 5G, Hype automation, Internet of Behaviors (IoB), etc. We’re seeing how almost everything around us in the present day scenario including smartphones, IoT devices, virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, cryptocurrencies, and many other are all supported by the respective software.

And thus, there is a huge demand & need for software engineers who can look after the designing, development, and maintenance of this software. And undoubtedly, since the technologies are expected to keep growing at such a fast pace, the future of software engineer looks promising in the upcoming years as well with the generation of numerous job opportunities for these professionals in the tech world.

2. The World is Moving Online

Moving ahead, the massive shift of everyone whether it be an individual or an offline business or education domain or any other, to the digital platforms can be considered as another prominent reason that why the demand for software engineers is surging. Especially after the global covid-19 pandemic, the digital presence for individuals or businesses has remained no more optional but it has become something very much necessary for them to keep going with their respective workflow or operations.

The platforms like Uber, Zomato, Flipkart, Paytm, Zoom, etc. are some of the renowned examples that represent today’s digitalized world. And behind all these digital platforms there exists the respective team of software engineers who ensures the successful development and running of the particular product whether it be an app, a website, or any other software. So, tech companies are in great need of skilled software engineers that can help them to create/build such ideal software solutions to thrive in the industry.

3. Code Requires Timely Upgradation/Changes

This is something very crucial to know to understand the scenario of increasing demand for software engineers. So, most individuals, especially beginners, usually come with a doubt in their mind that once the code is completed and the product is successfully developed, now the project should be over for software engineers except for the tasks like regular maintenance, etc. But the real scenario differs from it, let us tell you why…??

You need to know that code usually becomes outdated or obsolete due to various reasons like the advent of new technologies, need for new features, etc. hence it requires regular & consistent updation/changes throughout time. Let us tell you that there are instances where the organization opts to rebuild the existing software or rewrite the entire code from scratch using the latest technologies for various reasons like better & fast performance, cost reduction, etc. And that’s why a software engineer or a team of software engineers is associated and required for the particular product/software even after its successful deployment.

4. Software Engineers are Concerned With Multiple Phases like Designing, Development, Testing, etc.

Going down the list, another prominent reason behind such a great demand for software engineers in the tech world is that these professionals are concerned with almost every crucial phase of the product building whether it be designing, development, testing, etc. They work closely with the designing team to let them know the required functionalities of the product (as per the user requirements), they collaborate with programmers for code writing, then they work with the testing team for testing & assessing the code, and so on. Not only this, but also technical design documentation, identifying the improvement areas in the product & recommending the solution for it, improving existing codes, and various other such tasks are also often handled by software engineers. And this vast & impactful role of software engineers in product development is one of the major reasons that why software engineers significantly hold a strong place, popularity, and demand in the tech industry.

5. Lesser Supply of Skilled Software Engineers

Last but not least, there comes the supply and demand concept. So, we need to understand that there are not adequate software engineers who’re quite proficient and skillful as per the industries’ requirements and as known to everyone short supply always lead to high and high demand! For example – a software engineer is required to have a strong familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), should have a decent knowledge of programming concepts and data structures & algorithms, proficiency with the relevant tools, etc. Along with it, if a software engineer is quite updated with the latest development trends & possesses some required soft skills as well like communication, teamwork, etc., it makes his profile more strong. However, as many of the individuals who aspire to start their career as a software engineer lacks the mentioned skills, the software engineers continue to be in great demand.

So, these are some of the prominent reasons behind the great demand for Software Engineers in the tech industry and job market. And again, the future of software engineer seems quite bright

Thanks for reading, and enjoy coding ❤.

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