Top 20 Interview Programs for Computer Science and IT

Top 20 Interview Programs for Computer Science and IT – Most asked Computer Science Subjects Interview Questions in Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart. This article contains a list of most asked questions from programming and coding Computer science in the interviews of the top product based companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, Paytm etc.

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List of Top 20 Interview Programs

  1. Print HELLO WORLD in Java without using semicolon – SOLUTION

2. program to Print Hello World – SOLUTION

3. print Fibonacci Series in C – SOLUTION

4. prime number Program – SOLUTION

5. Check Palindrome number program – SOLUTION

 6. Armstrong number program – SOLUTION

7. Factorial of a number Program – SOLUTION

8. How to Reverse String in Java – SOLUTION

9. Programs for printing pyramid patterns – SOLUTION

10. Check Leap Year or Not – SOLUTION

11. program to Binary search – SOLUTION

12. Implement traverse a Binary tree in Preorder in Java using Recursion – SOLUTION

13. find GCD of two numbers program – SOLUTION

14. Program to find in PreOrder, PostOrder and InOrder tree traversals – SOLUTION

15. Write a program to find Merge Sort Program in C – SOLUTION

16. Selection Sort Program in C – SOLUTION

17. Android Program Projects – SOLUTION

18. Python Program Projects – SOLUTION


20 . Sample Hackerrank Questions: Bank Compare – SOLUTION

21. Sample Hackerrank Questions: One Egg Program – SOLUTION

I hope my interview experience will be helpful for you. Best of luck with your job interview.

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