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6 Tips for Working Efficiently | How to Stay Productive

Productive meaning: 6 Ways to Increase Productivity


Are you looking for ways to stay productive and work efficiently and effectively? I know today’s time it’s very difficult and most challenging for us to stay productive and work efficiently. But don’t worry about it, in this blog post, today I will share with you some proven and tested methods to stay productive and work effectively.

Today you will learn about the meaning of Productive and what is Productivity? And simple hacks to increase your productivity and efficiency. And ways to Increase your productivity in a business or personal and professional life as well. And you need to understand about productivity, how it works actually, and different people and their different times, when they feel more productive and energetic.

And also today I will share with you some Tips to stay productive at home and how to be productive and motivated. And also today I will share with you some Tips for working from home effectively. Even if you are a student, working professionally and personally and also for business work.

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6 Tips for Working Efficiently

Proven methods stay productive while studying, and Ways to stay productive at home. And also today you will learn about work from home effectively and efficiently. And work from home tips 2022, with Productive work examples. And one more thing, today you will learn about how you can stay being productive and boost your productivity 10x times more with better techniques as well.

So that you understand easily and apply it into your daily routines and personal and professional Life and become more productive and successful in your life. So let’s begin the journey about being productive and how to stay motivated and work effectively and efficiently.

What is productivity and being productive?

What is productivity? And meaning of being productive, that makes or grows something, especially in large quantities, Productivity is a philosophy of life, a state of mind. Being efficiently doing your work being productive at every moment, doing effectively and Productively means adopting an attitude for continued improvement.

6 Simple Hacks to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Increase work Efficiency and Productivity:

  1. Don’t Overdo It with the Changes
  2. Set Realistic Goals
  3. Stop Multitasking
  4. Prioritize Your To-Do List
  5. Allow Yourself to Take Breaks
  6. Know your Distractions – and Organize Them

Why don’t we stay Productive?

First we need to understand this, why don’t we stay Productive a long time? Then we can solve this problem easily. Maximum time people Overwhelmingly procrastinating. And Lots of distractions surrounding you, these are the reasons, People don’t stay Productive a long time. But you need solutions: you can create your own environment to stay productive for a long time.

When planning your activities, daily routine and Also consider goals of life, consider using the SMART goals framework. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

These are the reasons people don’t stay Productive and avoid them.

  • Stop Procrastination
  • Do it right now
  • Make a small goals
  • Write down everything
  • Creating your own environment

And ofcourse use pomodoro Technique, 25 Mints work and 5 minutes break. Apply it today in your daily life and daily routine to become more effective and stay productive.

1) Make a list of daily tasks

Making a list of daily tasks and important daily goals, And to increase productivity and work efficiently, first of all, you need to understand about productivity and being productive at work. Starting from today, make a list of all daily tasks and goals that affect your life and career directly and are important to you. It also saves you time and energy that you can use in other types of work, acquiring new skill sets, improving your communication skills etc.

For example, making a list of daily tasks and important goals on a daily basis. and includes weekly schedule and plannings and also monthly goals to achieve them. First of all, you need to understand about lack of motivation and inability to work efficiently.

Why? People don’t stay productive while doing work effectively. The reason is they never make a list of daily tasks and important goals of the day. This is the reason, maximum people are unable to stay productive and work efficiently.

But if you want to Stay productive and increase your productivity, start from today making a list of daily tasks and goals that are important for your life and career. And It also helps to give you clarity about work, What important tasks and goals, and what’s not important tasks. And which type of tasks are wasting your time and energy but not giving the returns anything.

2) Set Realistic Goals

Goal settings and set realistic goals. If we talk about today’s time, most of the people don’t have goals and also they never set realistic goals for themselves. Which should be Realistic, achievable, actionable and time bounded. If we follow these 4 important matrices about productivity and being productive and working efficiently.

That helps you a lot and gives more clarity, for your subconscious mind to achieve them. And stay motivated and work effectively. And Eventually it works and has proven methods scientifically.

Example: Set realistic goals and goal settings. how it works and makes you more productive and increases your productivity, that helps to keep focused your mind and increases your concentration power as well.

  • Set small goals that should be realistic and achievable.
  • It means that it can be achieved from day one. So you can feel better and you put your efforts continuously.
  • Goals should be actionable to achieve them easily.
  • Goals should be time bound to achieve more easily with a set timeline.

3) Stop Multitasking

Stop multitasking and avoid unnecessary things and unnecessary daily tasks of the day. That makes you unproductive and wasting your time and energy. If you want to increase your productivity and want to stay productive and working efficiently. Pick once the most important and take one by one daily tasks and goals and finish them. It Means finishing all your important tasks and goals one by one.

First we need to understand the concept of Multitasking. As human beings, we are not born for Multitasking and we aren’t multitaskers. And the fact about Multitasking is a lie for human beings.

Whenever we are Multitasking, is our brain identifying what’s more important and what’s not? That is our subconscious mind, working on important things and processing others in the foreground. This is the concept of Multitasking. The same working concept of a computer.


  • Finishing the tasks one by one.
  • Avoid multitasking and unimportant tasks.
  • Eliminate distractions surrounding you.
  • Make the notes of your all important tasks and goals of the day.
  • Stop notifications, other unproactive work and social activities.
  • Making the daily progress chart of the day and ratings yourself.
  • It helps to motivate you all day.

4) Prioritize Your To-Do List

Prioritizing your To-do list with the most important work accordingly. And setting a priority helps to increase your productivity to make you an effective person as well. And also it gives you clarity about what works are unimportant and that can be possibly delegated to others.

Rather than trying to multitask, consider prioritizing your diurnal liabilities every morning, and start with the most important work. This task can frequently be the most delicate, challenging for you, time- consuming, and/ or pressing thing for the day.

Once you ’ve got it out of the way, you not only admit an instant feeling of accomplishment and delectation. You’re also suitable to continue your day with a lighter heart because the worst is behind you. formerly made the schedule consequently.

Setting a priority with a to-do list, what things are most important and which works you have to finish first, and then second and then third set the priority accordingly. It saves your more valuable time and energy to spend your free time on valuable things. That impacts your life and career positively.

Every successful person follows the same strategy to manage all types of work in their companies. And you need to also apply them into your life to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

Elon Musk schedule:

Increase productivity, Productive meaning, productive


Setting a priority, it means you have to finish that type of tasks and goals first, which takes you closer to your goal and success in life.
First you have to finish all important office work and important projects.
Important Meetings with clients.
Replying to all important emails within 30 minutes.
It helps to stay productive and you feel motivated all the day.

5) Allow Yourself to Take Breaks

Allowing yourself to take breaks between tasks. It’s best for the brain and for your mental health. Taking breaks between tasks, it helps to continue focusing on the things that you are doing. Rather than doing work with no breaks for a long time. It decreases your focus power and productivity when you are doing work for a long time without breaks.

And most important, apply in daily your routine pomodoro Technique. After completing 45 minutes of work, take breaks for 10 Minutes. According to human psychology a person’s maximum 30 to 45 minutes can be focused on particular things at a time. Our brain needs some breaks after 45 minutes and must take it. It helps to regain focus on those things where you are doing that. and be productive and To be focused.

6) Know your Distractions – and Organize Them

Knowing your distractions, it means where you are spending your most of the time. After figuring out all your distractions then it can be possible to decrease them. But usually most of the people if we talk about today’s time, when people are most busiest all day long, and avoiding distractions is the most challenging part of life for us, just because when you see people looking around you have lots of distractions surrounding you.

How to overcome your distractions and avoid them. Here are some simple techniques to boost your productivity and stay productive the whole day long, simple but more effective Techniques followed by all successful entrepreneurs.

Eliminate your distractions and organize your all important daily tasks and goals. Like- office work, college projects, office projects and personal projects, school homework etc. It helps to stay productive and also it helps to boost your productivity and seemingly stay effective the whole day long. Here are some secrets of organizing your work and avoiding most of the distractions from your daily routine. in 4 categories which are:

Example: Most important

  • Important office projects or personal projects.
  • Taking some important decisions.
  • Important work that takes you closer to your goal and success.

Less important

Which type of work can be delayed possible for tomorrow but not impact your life from those things.
Banking work

Less important nor urgent

Social activities and social gathering.
Unimportant meetings with someone.
Replying to unnecessary emails and messages.

Not important nor urgent

Watching entertainment videos and movies
Social activities and social gathering.

7) 10 Ways to be More Productive

Increase productivity and be productive for a long time, here are some productivity hacks. Which helps you to stay Productive with effectiveness and Working efficiently. These hacks are followed by every highly successful person. like: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark zakarburg, Goutam Adani etc.

Which includes are:

“If you can control your time, you can achieve anything”

  1. Don’t try to remember anything
  2. Documenting everything

(3 Things to document)

  • Ideas implementation
  • To-do list
  • Future plans And Meeting notes
  1. Keeping everything on calendar
  2. Scheduling emails for future dates
  3. Using technology
  4. Pomodoro technique
  5. Self-groups on WhatsApp
  6. 1-hour afternoon nap

Why is it important?

  1. Respecting the environment
  2. Maximise your environment for Productivity

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